Met Her In L​.​A.

by Dewey Decibel

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    Music sourced from Gandalf's Beat Machine Volume 3 by Eligh of Living Legends. Please support this incredible music by purchasing and listening.



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met a bad ass bitch, tats on the ass and tits. checking the asterick, asked the chick if she smoked hashish she said by the brick passionate, so we smashed in the back of the whip. her relationship was lacking the luster in fact she was attracted to the gathering hunter, once a hustler, she was a fronter- said “motherfucker we shouldn't even see each other again,” next day we lovers eating mushroom stems. read the way of zen no pen berries instead. awakening gold and gems origami punani fold and bend, smoking a bone, getting road head. old head veteran, blown soak melanin, femme fatal, the style so elegant using my etiquette best dressed, giving her sex she would never forget on the roof deck. ipod connect through the tape deck press play. i kept saying there is no yesterday, i met her in l.a.

i met her in l.a.

sooner or later she assumed i was a player heard a rumor i betrayed her, good sense of humor now i hate her. pretend friends, traitors, bitches/snitches living with a clique of witches scratchin' where it itches. she was pissed, i'm dippin'. she came back for a visit, licking the tip as if it was delicious, and i'm dropped her britches, burning a spliff, burning bridges in the cottage, giving me knowledge topless no beer goggles-appear like a goddess. over the top but under the bottom. get it got it good like a noogie on a noggin. rocking a hoodie bumping peter tosh, started with a massage, i’m dropping modge podge into the collage. apples in the garden far from macintosh. i fell from the ladder to watch my matter harden, beg your pardon. skinny legs and all, tom robbins left my heart throbbin' cop another gram lost in wonderland. felt the frost from another man. she like a bounced like rubber band and i'm a dirty rotten scoundrel. don't turn down more then a mouthful, doubtful, only thing i knew about her. incredible sexual power, turning sour diesel to powder, burning up in diesel trousers, spent hours in the shower doused in arousal, i’m a dirty rotten scoundrel. don’t turn down more then a mouthful, doubtful. the only thing i knew about her , i met her in l.a...

i met her in l.a.


released January 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Dewey Decibel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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