by Dewey Decibel

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    These songs were sourced from the Gandalf's Beat Machine series and Grey Crow by Eligh of Living Legends. Please support this amazing artist by purchasing and listening to his incredible music.




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released January 31, 2012

Lyrics written and performed by Dewey Decibel.
All music created by Eligh of Living Legends
except for "Under the Spell" prod. by Elusive.
Additional samples by Matty Dread and Dewey Decibel.

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Rick Friedrich
for Bold New Breed Records.



all rights reserved


Dewey Decibel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Disappear
i'm rapping like i’m rabid im a savage, ravenous with a ravishing track list pack a fatter data-disc on saturn mastered and mix my last hit with rick master the balance. chalice to phallus hypothalamus palace imagine this miraculous law of attraction paws on the macintosh cash crop intelligence, necklace of a mastodon. blasted in babylon get my battle on, like to cipher like light the mic like pipe hyperactive wrote this line on the back of a napkin started rapping with fitzpatrick, typewriter cyclone the way that i write is a style graphic design in my bio ride the galactic tidal wave of light my minds on fire freestyle tighter write the crush spit fire iron lung i like to inquire son take a look make it a hook im arjuna in a battle, future buddha master commuter to jupiter computer hacker get you open like a dream catcher aperture nature swagger stab a wack rapper in the abdomen with an amethyst dagger take his canibus bag, swag is dress dapper im a bastard a natural disaster lackadaisical slacker past the atmosphere pass the grass acting weird glasses and a beard after a glass of beer skedaddle out of here no doubt or fear move a mountain this year dont listen, hear what im spitting in your ear i drive stick shift twist a spliff switching gears
watch me disappear like richard gere

watch me disappear
Track Name: Met Her In L.A.
met a bad ass bitch, tats on the ass and tits. checking the asterick, asked the chick if she smoked hashish she said by the brick passionate, so we smashed in the back of the whip. her relationship was lacking the luster in fact she was attracted to the gathering hunter, once a hustler, she was a fronter- said “motherfucker we shouldn't even see each other again,” next day we lovers eating mushroom stems. read the way of zen no pen berries instead. awakening gold and gems origami punani fold and bend, smoking a bone, getting road head. old head veteran, blown soak melanin, femme fatal, the style so elegant using my etiquette best dressed, giving her sex she would never forget on the roof deck. ipod connect through the tape deck press play. i kept saying there is no yesterday, i met her in l.a.

i met her in l.a.

sooner or later she assumed i was a player heard a rumor i betrayed her, good sense of humor now i hate her. pretend friends, traitors, bitches/snitches living with a clique of witches scratchin' where it itches. she was pissed, i'm dippin'. she came back for a visit, licking the tip as if it was delicious, and i'm dropped her britches, burning a spliff, burning bridges in the cottage, giving me knowledge topless no beer goggles-appear like a goddess. over the top but under the bottom. get it got it good like a noogie on a noggin. rocking a hoodie bumping peter tosh, started with a massage, i’m dropping modge podge into the collage. apples in the garden far from macintosh. i fell from the ladder to watch my matter harden, beg your pardon. skinny legs and all, tom robbins left my heart throbbin' cop another gram lost in wonderland. felt the frost from another man. she like a bounced like rubber band and i'm a dirty rotten scoundrel. don't turn down more then a mouthful, doubtful, only thing i knew about her. incredible sexual power, turning sour diesel to powder, burning up in diesel trousers, spent hours in the shower doused in arousal, i’m a dirty rotten scoundrel. don’t turn down more then a mouthful, doubtful. the only thing i knew about her , i met her in l.a...
Track Name: The City
livin' in the city of flash mobs and murderers, asphault cashcrops, bathsalt and burglars from the dirty south but this turf is dirtier. concrete jungle under cobblestone curvature. capital is DC we actually were earlier cracked street masterpieces and burnt furniture. black teeth white tees serving the caffeine factories inhabited by herds of the nerdier. i heard the hedonists eat with the beatniks reading demian, retweet where they drink piss loose-lips sink ships prostitutes and pimps, dropping lots of loot- minks and wing tips. chicken wing tumble weeds frequent the streets like cheese steaks covered in onions and cheese whiz. some have nothing to eat and sleep freezing on a steaming sewer grate just dreaming...

its action packed where american apparel's at. bone marrows black the ferrel cats on the narrow path scarecrows with gats wearing flat brimmed hats the apparent fashion fans are very passionate. don't give a shit subtract laxatives hashtag ass crack traffic accidents peedi crak blasting it- frankford to fairmount to addison back to pattison and shackamaxon smelling the hash on jackson street, the cracks in point breeze joints of PCP decoys on 15th. unemployment so we enjoy mickey d's scrapping happily to ease the cacophony of laughing and cackling of the crackhead zombies to nappy dreads with the colly weed i think hollywood is calling me in this economy we're a day late and a dollar short. flipping major weight, there's not a lot of work street walker philosophers modern monster monikers in a winter wasteland where cops robbing officers...
Track Name: Gutter Rainbow
gutter rainbow gutter gutter rainbow
gold chains at the end of gutter rainbows 2x

the children are frantic. pledge allegiance to the rancid planet, satanic anthem. manic phantoms cremate cannabis with the candlewicks, city plans built on sand. couldn't withstand the shift. manhattan mannequins crammed camden-new jersey transit. trance of patterns/pathways gimmicks/cathphrase ciggarettes overflowin' from the ashtrays. castaways in the last days: metuchen-rahwey, princeton junction to broadway. modern monsters all day, carnival-carnivores metacarpals on car doors, hardly afford like the whores purchased like merchandise from department stores. we stealing from the poor giving it to the pittance the richest life is a bitch colder then a witches tit, with a clipped clitoris, television hypnotism, devil is telling us a vision sell us jealousy in a rhythm subliminal messages filling this incision. mimicking a sickness...


when its rains it pours from the storm drain to the floorboards flood your basements and your stores, make it war torn. seen more fangs/horns, planet warms, fightin' back with the rising tides and then we paint it black. hurricanes, earthquakes, homicidal maniacs, tidal waves crash, suicidal braniacs. acid flash backs and spinal taps. i'm writin' fast it's the final act. used to be peace, pot and microdot now the deceased walk on blocks and buck shots. zombie apocalypse so fuck cops, puff pot with the lost kids wearing moccasins. filling up star ships, burnin' all the oil
robots talk stock tips, economic turmoil. turn the soil hopeless, oceans boilin', we in hell now. toxic hominids fell down.


snakes, vampires, vipers and cobras,
yo bruh we guerrilla soldiers.

gutter rainbows thunderstorms hang low close your shutters pray the slang don't bang the halos. gutter rainbows underground orangutans yo, butter boomerangs thrown undercover/plain clothes
shutter-clap cloaked day glow opaque raincoats, yeah yo, we all the same boat. suffering succotash motherfuckers let the gun clap, wolf gangs let their fangs show. pigs bacos, anarchist evangelist going bananas and mangos, handsome mannequins- phantom limbs playing with legos and play doh mistaking jakes/clones with fake bones. snakes, vampires, vipers and cobras, yo bruh, yeah we guerrilla soldiers, no feeling in our souls, strippers slipping from a pole, crack hoes cracking open black holes i suppose...

Track Name: Next Level
i was so fond of marijuana, coulda married ganja. barely an author, carrying karma buried by drama. lotta lessons repeated till i stopped leaning like pisa. dang onomatopoeia, thought i got ideas from sativa.
now im an ether breather hotter than a sauna, heat up. speakin' the lava literature, used to need that habitual ritual. secretly a miserable individual taking trips but the visit cyclical and my vision had no peripheral. drunken monk and a mystic with a spliff lit and linguistic syllable. gettin' off work, fill a bowl, never satisfied with a little pinner to blow. ripping a show sensimilla pinnacle. knew my mission but too lifted bro, homegrown dosia, handblown bowl. rambo no ammo, angelic animal, mechanical mammal, burn both ends of the candle. mannequin phantom limbs on the mantel. ample example self get trampled. handle the stanza mandible in manic mode handling a cannonball, it explodes no stamina let it go. fresh flow and bag of cess to blow. i suffocate this instrumental central and remote...

dewey decibel intellectual
take it to the 10th dimensional
next level lets go

i had nugs to spark and a rough start with a star chart tucked in my carharts anthills cant kill this aardvark. trust the dark bust with love in my heart. lit bark making me miss my mark, box out the parked car toxic to block smarts. got the talent, the art that departs. started to get too retarded. hard to win arguments. scarred, fire starting martyrdom. heart hardening, harbinger cathartic. making my mark on arches parchment barging in apartments midnite marauding. under the star tarpaulin im an avatar listening to black star driving my car like nascar as if mars really isn't that far. i was at the bars charging up my card bag of shark cartilage, madagascar. rap star. no means to achieve it deep inside didn't believe it. greedily breathing evergreen trees and deciduous sick of never seeing the freedom, freeing just seeing seeds in my weed and daydreaming now i hate sleeping in...

Track Name: Psychedelic Swagger
psychedelic swagger metaphysical dagger, my mic melted in his bladder stab a wack batle rapper in the abdomen, abracadabra pulling a rabbit out the hat imagine that he's alabaster. i'm a bastard that natural disaster mathematical pattern elemental latticework in the lab, in a lavender labyrinth babbling big bag of canibus sipping on absinthe zig zag of amethyst reading the emerald tablets. wishin' like alladin existence is magic the trick is we trapped in bad habits, madness, sadness and passion dag nabbit. adamant to get past it now im back at this rap shit spit shrapnel and adams apple fragments...lit like matchsticks and hash spliffs purchased with cash tips with no taxes subtracted subs blasting this underground rapshit thunderpound im undercover dragnet macking on an attractive chick with massive tits. snapping backlit photographs no flash its the light tribe massive. back from sabbatical aggro craggin' travelin' this astral path rappin' radical. haz mat gift wrapped in plastic, fantastic package of synaptic gaps, syntax is bitmapped bitch. spitting static fool. fact of the matter is matter is light that is trapped so i blast detours with c4 before a map. my path was the eastern seaboard pastlife iriquois eating ears of corn. now im a b boy leaving ear torn and the decoys heave beer leave here, i perform get a nasty hangover in the morn pass the popcorn passing on the grass while they blaze more. your girls on my nuts like squirrels with an acorn, i'm making mixtapes you trip face acid rainform...

psychedelic swagger metaphysical dagger
Track Name: Simple Infinite
im too different i live simple infinite
entering the water and its not even rippling
fitzwater to mifflin spitting to the rhythm
with infinite wisdom, diligence to my mission is

using the wind its fillin my sails blow out cumulus clouds when i exhale the genius is in the details and the subject of your emails. leavin' no trail or trace we wheat paste in deep space take a taste this kool aid was laced weightlessness is a sacred sensation teach me the way to the ancient places, frankincense fragrance coming from the basement in a meditative process created a concept faded off the chronic. keepin' my promise i made to wake the robotic populace..

im too different i live simple infinite
entering the water and its not even rippling
Track Name: Under the Spell
spell of seduction through smokey streetlights, fell in love like a sucker cuz she rode a streetbike. smoked an el, then i got her number but she might be a dyke, or bi-sexual, just what i like combusted chemicals ignite, trusted the gut, puffin' vegetables all night. both playing games, i was playing chess she's playing checkers it was less work. said king me, checkmate expert. took her to dessert, we had sex first, she kept saying i was gonna get hurt. kept my sweatshirt every time i entered her intersection, no map quest directions perplexing my extra sensory perception one hand on a breast one on the best heddies to make your chest burn. met at a best western to network. never learn my lessons burn cess with shower on. erector set for her to put the flower on more brains than brawn get brain from the jawnie jawn started to yawn she said get off me offered me coffee before dawn, bud in the bong and write a new song...

she was sober i was so burnt
she was stone cold and i got so hurt
tapped it like morse codes rapping in code words
reading my horoscope and blow the golden herb

i write a new song i start with the chorus sparkin' bark and pave the forest the scarf gorgeous. before foreplay dancing at the raven like primal origins. forbidden fruit nibbling oranges. stop to pop a still. copping a feel, steal a kills robbing her lower lip. she thought i was obnoxious. after bong rips, toxic topsy turvy talking to other broads im too flirty. dirty rotten scoundrel at bob and barbaras lounge till around 2, past her curfew. and her room smelling like jitterbug perfume. patience is a virtue. waiting for her to choose. vicious circle, chose to twist the herbal before i got hurt for sure on the purple furniture. thought i was jerk cuz my urge to burn first, under the spell kept saying curse words...

Track Name: Hello Hello
Suburban hermitage to the urban abyss converted herbal purchases to verses to spit cursive to print perched on the merch, determined to flip which is the words i write since birth i realized i'm impermanent
searching for bliss instead of burning a spliff, burning a mix onto a circular disc insert in the whip returning to the journey, an eternal trip nocturnal verbalist, night lurkin, murdering the mic but its the light im working with my purpose of existence cursed with a gift. dewey decibel i'm a microphone merlin, boombox bookworm, verse copernicus

name's dewey decibel
on point yo, with the freshest flow

on point like a decimal
boombox bookworm freshest flow

name's dewey decibel
boombox bookworm, freshest flow

audibly invisible with the universal syllable, you ought to listen to to the perverted mystical, cosmic surfer with surgical incisions to reverse, commercials burning in your occipital lobe, urgency merchant, i'm ripping a show with the dirtiest words sicker then ebola. sipping coca cola, used to be roasted, toasting with no coasters
make vocal quotas coast to coast and we taking roadtrips. social oval: club goers, promoters owin' the owners. dont blow foliage, flowin' like the solar wind, but my bros know, i enjoy the aroma. smoke dosia and we rip microphones, no duh, write the type of poem decipher mayan code- no typo, my mind's a cyclone: krylon microns isotope, rhyme kaleidoscope, design bio behind the microphone. mysterious lichen spinning the vinyl holmes. rewind the spiral aligning your spinal cord
vibrating with the primal life force
Track Name: How to Live
how can you let go what was never there?
awareness is what i wear until its threadbare
thats why im never sacred im well aware
next to the delaware hell is there
im also everywhere because here is there
i can hear the air staring at the prana
prepare the ganja as we wander
the metropolitan thick with continental shift
god body is bliss my thoughts drift often like nimbus
my rhymes refined linguistics meticulous
slip in the mystical diction and spit it ridiculous
i hear them whisper how sick it is
rick is flipping the mix im tongue twisted
sipping a sunkist stupid dope
dumb shit dripping from the lips
running shit like the government
im a brother from another mothership
penumbra peninsula tip
my thunder tongue is my one instrument

i know how to die because i know who to live
bright shadows in the darkest dim
under the sun run the distances
just to see the beloved in the abyss

i dip my thoughtform in this river of crystal
sipping on sunshine the liquids invisible
saw a burning scroll rolled cylindrical
glowing geometries astrophysical
denying this individualistic with this
spiritual scientific synthesis with the
wisdom of the infinite mind
in a kingdom of living light
the grid systems of life i write fire letters
higher then the heavens sound vibrations
and protection in entering the physical dimension
i stepping elecromagnetic luminescence
clothed in flesh manifested from the alpha omega
alphabet on the threshold of advanced intelligence
connect the presence in my sega genesis bless this
biochemical message in a bottle, swallow the cosmos
at the crossroads honor the father,
it's the biological phenomena
call him god allah brahmin or jah jah